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Mia Moretti's omni-unfolding, self attained adventures as a world traveling disc jokey, started in Oakland California on an organic course of mere musical observance at a young age, a result of not being adept to play any instruments during family gatherings.

Today, the activist minded beauty and visual muse's sensibilities create a message when orchestrating a room by melody. It's a connection of conscious dialogue and storytelling. Her set list is never top 40, she hears words, feels moods and presence, and meets the crowd with an audio psychic and subconscious ability to match all of the "in the moment" intricacies at hand.

She began collecting songs and records, not as a DJ, but as a music appreciator, and as the girl in the box at The Standard hotel in Los Angeles, she would consistently inquire with those hired there to spin, exactly how to segue into their booth, and quite literally, out of her box.

In the early 2000's of LA, Moretti was a part of the nightlife culture that spurred EDM at gatherings like Dim Mak Tuesdays and Banana Split Sundaes held at LAX (club, not airport) owned by the late DJ AM, who not only helped guide Moretti into the world of DJ'ing, but even gave Mia her first set of turn tables. Luke McFadden (AKA) DJ Cut Chemist, was also an influential mentor in sculpting Moretti's innate musical style and vision. Together, they'd rummage flea markets and secret storage units, introducing Mia to rare 45's and obscure vinyl discoveries, the eclectic genres she's now infamous for playing today.

Moretti truly began identifying as a DJ when she took her West Coast makings to New York, immersing herself into sets at local bars by walking in and suggesting that, "maybe she should play?". One of those venues proved to be a connecting dot to violinist Caitlin Moe (AKA) Margo, and the duo's combined musical stylings evolved into what we now know as, The Dolls. "Every time we'd try to pitch it, it never worked - But we'd just play anyways, and then it floored people."

Playing pop-up clubs, after-parties, film festivals and fashion weeks, segued into opening for iconic performers like Janet Jacket, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder, as well as leading Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour in Asia.

A fashion industry favorite, she counts names like Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Phillip Lim, Prabal Gurung, Valentino and Versace as clients, and is also a favorite DJ to the Clinton family, evening playing at Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

Moretti has been featured in ad campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, as well as her namesake (and ground-up) collaboration with MAC Cosmetics in 2015.

That same year, Mia collaborated with Apple in a creative project about “Music & Fashion” during Paris FW 2015.

She's a co-founder of the New York based female art collective: Chez Conversations, and sits on the board of Housing Works, an organization that provides housing and medical care for people with HIV in New York City, her now home base in the East Village.


Harpers Bazaar

How to Travel in Style: The Entertainer

IN HER BAG: A journal and a watercolor set.

IN-FLIGHT SECRET: Soft, comfortable socks. “Texture is really important to me on a plane, like the way a sock rubs your toes. It sounds silly, but on an eight-hour flight it can become the bane of your existence. I’d much rather be enjoying a glass of wine and a movie than thinking about a scratchy sock.”

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to let go of necessities. She and her bandmate, the violinist Margot, once accidentally went to JFK instead of Newark airport for an overseas flight. To make their plane, they had to go without their luggage. “Our bags went in one taxi back to Manhattan and we went in another to New Jersey. We had a violin, a DJ bag, and a straw hat for a two-week trip to Morocco, Greece, and Italy, and we had the best time. Sometimes in life you have to empty your bags so there is space to fill them up.”
— Harpers Bazaar

Mia X Elizabeth Arden 


The Female DJ You Need To Know: Mia Moretti

Amid a legion of fashionable young DJs, Moretti is something of a trailblazer. Mentored by the late industry icon DJ AM, she worked her way up to enviable gigs at such NYC hot spots as Le Bain, and in 2010 she played Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Along the way she has learned never to compromise. “No one wants to play the same music as somebody else or dress like somebody else. At least, no one I know.
— Town & Country




Making Noise On the Path to DJ Stardom

Before long she was frequenting little-known record shops and even a secret spot where a man sold exclusively Ethiopian 45s from his storage unit. Her ever-growing stash was finally called into action when she landed a repeat gig playing music in the lobby of The Standard hotel in Hollywood, where the only rules were that she had to play vinyl and she couldn’t spin any songs that made it to the Top 40, in any decade.
— Nylon