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LandScape ARTIST



Social and environmental responsibility was expected from me by my school and my family at a young age . . . It never felt like a choice; it was always just common sense.
— Lily Scout Kwong


Lily Kwong is the founder of Lily Kwong Studio (LKS), a Brooklyn-based design company focused on connecting people to nature through landscape design, art installations, innovative programming and education. Her passion for plants began as a Project Director for the LVMH Miami Design District, where the landscape is integrated into luxury retail and artworks ranging from Sou Fujimoto’s building facade to a Buckminster Fuller dome. Lily’s experience working in the tropics led her to study sustainable design with horticulturalists from South Florida to the New York Botanical Garden. Drawing inspiration from the Minimalist and Land Art movements, Lily uses plant life as a medium to re-imagine the urban landscape.

Lily works at the nexus of landscape design, fashion and culture. Her unique approach focuses on layering a living ecosystem with innovative programming, and infusing places with cultural and environmental significance. In 2015, Lily spearheaded a project with American Forests’ reforestation program and sustainable brand, Amour Vert, to plant 100,000 trees across North America. In 2016, she was commissioned to develop a landscape installation for The Brooklyn Mirage, an outdoor music venue. She brought over 12,000 tropical plants to industrial Brooklyn to create vertical gardens and streetscapes for the 150,000 square foot development, which hosted some of the most in-demand DJs in the world.

This project led Summit Series to invite Lily to participate in their Artist Residency program, where she created an installation for the influential conference’s ‘Skylodge’ center. In April 2017, Lily’s 5,000 square foot interior garden project opened for the 14th Factory, an arts education nonprofit. It is the designer's response to the threat of climate change, and provided vital green space for the community in a neglected section of downtown Los Angeles.

LKS’ upcoming projects include a 3-acre retreat center in Southampton next to the Parrish Museum, a botanical installation on a quarter mile stretch of the Highline, a planting project in Times Square and the cultural program design for the country’s first district-wide application of the WELL Building Standard.

Lily is an important voice in the growing sustainable fashion movement and has worked with brands like Maiyet, the Nike Foundation and H&M’s Conscious Collection to make the world a greener, more sustainable place. American Vogue recently recognized Lily as one of the 120 most important fashion influencers and she is frequently featured by other top publications such as Architectural Digest, T Magazine, Glamour and W Magazine. Lily is also a contributor to the esteemed art magazine, Cultured. She recently launched askthemmore.com, a podcast that features thought-provoking interviews with inspiring women like activist Sarah Sophie Flicker, poet Cleo Wade and entrepreneur Cindy Gallop.

Lily graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Urban Studies from Columbia University while working with prominent sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh as a film and multimedia fellow at the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy.




I’m a creative director working in landscape and fashion. I studied urbanism at Columbia University and started working at an urban planning firm right out of school. The company had projects in 14 countries. I fell in love with sustainable design and applied my knowledge to the fashion world, working with eco-friendly brands like Amour Vert to plant 100,000 trees in North America through its “Buy a Tee Plant a T(r)ee” program last year.
— Interview Magazine

Unchecked emissions threaten to destabilize governments and produce waves of refugees, perhaps ushering in the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals in Earth’s history. It’s terrifying, but it feels like world leaders are finally starting to take the problem seriously. At the UN conference on climate change in Paris, nearly every country committed to some kind of action to battle greenhouse gases.
— Lily Scout Kwong

Lily X The Coveteur 



Much to her delight, Kwong discovered an unexpected story about Thailand’s silk industry when viewing an exhibit of the extensive wardrobe of Queen Sirikit. “We learned that Vogue actually played a huge part in the fifties and sixties in elevating Thai silks in the global marketplace,” she says. “I’m excited that 50 years later, my trip with Maiyet has brought the country’s rich tradition of craftsmanship back into the ‘pages’ of Vogue!”
— Vogue





I spend so much time just hanging around a space before I start drawing. I look for view corridors, interesting transitions, and really survey how people interact with the environment. Gardens evolve—many of the gardens I plant will outlast me! That’s why it’s so important to really understand the whole ecosystem. You have to make sure you’re contributing something meaningful and enduring to the space and the community you’re working in.
— Architectural Digest