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I pick up inspiration from everywhere. I’m obsessed with Tim Burton; I hope to work from him one day. I get a lot of inspiration from Walt Disney. I love the photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott—they are incredible—and Tim Walker as well.... I try to draw that sense of magic that is in his photographs into my work.
— Jamie Lee Reardin

About Jamie 

If you feel an echo of inspiration drawn from icons such as Walt Disney and Tim Burton, visionaries Picasso and Dali, and designers like Christian Dior and Thom Browne when looking at Canadian born artist and illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin's distinctively diverse range of characters, you wouldn't be wrong. 

Her ability to harness today's pop culture phenomena, and redirect it into a finely tuned exaggeration that reaches an almost octave level of curated sarcasm yields an uncommon rhetoric and visual prose that makes her work so truly original.

Jamie's custom creations have been commissioned by Dior Beauty, Balmain Hair, Clinique, Essie, Marc Jacobs, DKNY, ModaOperandi, Swarovski, New York City Ballet and Barbie, as well as in-book and online publications: Allure, Nylon, Teen Vogue, Vogue Japan, V-Magazine, The Covetuer, and The Zoe Report. 

Jamie Lee Reardin currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.




NY Magazine

A Drawn View of Paris Fashion Week Through the Eyes of an Illustrator

The Cut sent illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin to capture scenes from Paris Fashion Week (such as the Dior makeup look created by Peter Philips), which she faithfully documented on coffee cups, scraps of paper, a Mariage Frères tea label, and other found detritus.
— Ny Mag

New York City Ballet X Jamie Lee Reardin


Beauty Vanity: Jamie Lee Reardin

I do a cat eye every day. And then eyebrows are actually one of the first things I put on. I don’t leave the house without putting a bit of shape and color to my eyebrows. And then maybe lip color, maybe not. That’s pretty much it. A little bit of bronzer, a little bit of Glow Maximizer; I use that every day. With eye shadow, sometimes I actually use a bit of red; I like that kind of gaunt look, it’s just kind of cool. I usually draw dark, smoky eyes on my illustrations. And a bright red lip.

Harpers Bazaar



Users Guide to Style: Wide Leg Pants 

Reardin typically sticks to black and white oversize tops with skinny jeans, but she was inspired by the boldness of the striped pants. “I’m such a tomboy; I don’t usually wear anything this bright,” she says. “I wanted a brand-new, refreshing take on my style.” So she traded neutrals for an electric yellow top by Dior. “It’s chic and high fashion but still has some edge.
— Allure