Adapting to the surrounding evolutions of being a “renaissance woman” while having a lipstick in hand has permanently altered what it means to BE and “make it” as an artist today.

We at SOMETHING not only LOVE and acknowledge the fact we’ve created a home where today’s artist can exceed what that modern day idea of success and possibility is; We’re thinking of tomorrow and the uncharted territory that pokes a pin in the force field of what is assumed and expected in the current landscape of the industry.

We’re not just an agency; we’re something else- something more, something different in the art of breeding and building face painters and tastemakers.

We consider SOMETHING’s jumping off point of personal representation and 360 management approach as a flexing root in the ground, giving a sneak preview of all the exciting things to come.

We want to pull back the curtain and invite you into this journey with SOMETHING and the adventures of our meticulously curated internal and external family of SOMEONE’s. A first page of what’s been an unbelievable excursion already and a vessel that we hope to educate, include, and inspire with.

- Jewels Rosaasen, Founder